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You don't have to experience

crippling workplace conflict & drama.

You can regain control.



Leaders in Paradise


Learn how to build a team that is enthusiastic, 
works well together, and respects you.



Leaders in Paradise

Powerful & True


Learn how to build a team that is enthusiastic, 
works well together and respects you.

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Misunderstandings, conflict and drama in the office are undermining your productivity and job satisfaction.

This mayhem is costing your company big bucks.

Without strong executive-level leadership and decisive action, this crumbling situation will continue. If you are not ready to run your profits and your vision into the ground...

There is a more powerful & true way. 

Powerful & True

powerful & true

Pamela Cournoyer, CEO, Powerful & True, Leadership Mastery

I'm Pamela Cournoyer
Founder of Powerful & True, Inc. Leadership Mastery

Our leadership transformation is based on five premises…

1. Increase Your Leadership Effectiveness Through Crystal Clarity

  • We get you crystal clear on exactly what results you want for yourself and your people.
  • This includes nailing down what is preventing you from getting what you want.

2. Strategize Your Most Productive Leadership Actions.

  • Together, we create a customized plan so you know exactly what you need to be doing each week and even each day.  ​
  • We develop long-range and short range goals for you to stay on target with your organization’s plan.

3. Upgrade Missing and Most Urgent Leadership Skills, like...

  • Increasing your emotional intelligence. (That means you can laugh at trouble instead of stay awake at night worrying about it.)
  • Improving your communication skills. (You'll become a master people reader and influencer)
  • Enhancing your people skills. (This means people will like you and want to do what you suggest)
  • Mastering conflict.  (This is a biggie - you'll see it coming and know how to head it off.)
  • Developing your public speaking to impressive levels.
  • Getting you comfortable in public relations, delegation and negotiation.
  • Improving good staff retention rates.
  • Capitalizing on your people’s top skills, making you look amazing.

4. Stop Feeding Your History & Start Feeding Your Destiny

  • Find out what you are allowing in your life that's not building you up or inspiring you or pushing you toward your dreams, and eradicate it. 
  • Set up seamless communication and delegation systems so you can do what you were called to do.
  • Find your cake, do what you love.  ​
  • No more hanging around people that are negative and causing you to compromise yourself. Instead you'll surround yourself with people that will encourage you to shine.
  • Delegate the cringe; allow others to do what you hate, and they love.

5. Master A Leadership Mindset

  • Get on top of what slows you down and stops you dead in your tracks, like guilt, mediocrity, negativity and compromising your own values. 
  • Master your limiting beliefs that cause worry, fear and "I don't have what it takes" thoughts, and replace them with ones that feed your hopes, your dreams, your confidence and feed your destiny.
  • Mentally manage difficult people and difficult situations. This is huge!
  • Jump start a new you! It's time to trust in your own seeds of greatness. This is a new day, chains that have held you back can be broken and you can embrace the fullness of your life purpose.

We offer innovative and instantly applicable leadership support! You, and your executives can up-level and energize your teams in a powerful & true way, fast.  We can also train you and your staff to lead themselves through and out of conflict. Amazing transformation!

Yes, you can have engaged and effective employees who will put their
heart, soul, and backbone into achieving the results you expect.


for your executives to lead your company's most
Profitable, Productive chapter ever with the expert assistance of 
Powerful & True executive coaching and leadership training.

if you expect your management teams to solve their own problems and work more effectively together, we agree. They'll need top-notch support to do that. We offer amazing support. 

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We magically draw out the best performance in you and your executive team.  We teach them how to nip drama and unnecessary conflict at its core. 

Candid, relevant and practical leadership talks that build passion and inspire action. We make sense, your people get it and go back to work a different person. 

 I have learned much from you in the areas of courage, determination, clear focus, and creative/compassionate leadership.

Pam Farmer,
Director of Professional Development, 
U of O, Eugene, OR

with powerful & true leadership coaching and transformational training today.

Why waste another minute?  It's not too late for compelling results...

Why waste another minute? Create compelling results with Powerful & True leadership coaching and training today.



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