leadership coaching

You Are Working Too Hard. 
You Can Change That.

As a leader, you are expected to..

Manage Conflict

  • Give difficult feedback with tact and compassion.
  • Reduce tension with your leaders.
  • Work effectively with differences.
  • Dissipate gossip; approach volatile people with confidence and composure, getting results.
  • Manage negativity and difficult people.
  • Diplomatically approach delicate situations .
  • Effectively maintain your composure during escalating circumstances.
  • Skillfully manage change during difficult transitions.

Lead Teams

  • Gain real clarity in building direction for individual leaders; because all do NOT roll equally.
  • Be an exceptional motivator, effective and efficient.
  • Gain influential and motivational savvy for your unique and not so unique individuals, which leads to greater profits.
  • Gain stronger people shaping abilities through mastering influential communication skills.
  • Gain ultra insight into your team and beyond; how they manage and motivate (or don’t motivate) their own teams.
  • Promote more astute leadership who will better lead others.

Profit Your Organization

  • Increase your A-team’s productivity and effectiveness. Get your staff to act instead of react.
  • Earn more respect from your co-workers, company and clients. Make smarter, more thought-through approaches.
  • Develop strong people skills in your people.  
  • Get your leaders to become more succinct, clear and confident.
  • Build an inclusive work culture.
  • Incentivize your top people to stay.

If you have made it this far in leadership, it is likely you are skilled in at least some of the above.

Being skilled in all of the above through leadership coaching  will ensure you a valuable asset for any organization.

Coaching is that support that enables you to grow at lightening speed.

Powerful & True's 5 Pillars are your key to total
Leadership Transformation 

  • 1. Clarity
  • 2.  Strategy
  • 3. skills
  • 4.  strengths
  • 5. Mindset

5. Master A Leadership Mindset

  • Get on top of what slows you down and stops you dead in your tracks, like guilt, mediocrity, negativity and compromising your own values. 
  • Master your limiting beliefs that cause worry, fear and "I don't have what it takes" thoughts, then replace them with ones that feed your hopes, your dreams, your confidence and your destiny.
  • Mentally manage difficult people and difficult situations. 
  • Jump start a new you! It's time to trust in your own seeds of greatness.  Learn to live in a new day, breaking off the chains that have held you back and embrace the fullness of your life purpose.