DiSC® Workshop Series

This DiSC® Workshop Series is based on the DiSC® behavioral styles. It is an easy way to learn to work with personalities. Teaching DiSC® offers a straightforward and proven way to understand self and others.

DiSC® Training is designed to build a strong and respectful communication culture.

To do this, it takes time and exposure to the same information through multiple opportunities. Growing a communication culture especially requires management to adopt and actively ensue the communication program selected.

DiSC® is widely used and well researched. It provides a non-judgmental approach to working with others. It helps people:

  • Value differences.
  • Deal more effectively with conflict.
  • Improve communication and performance.

DiSC® Workshop #1: “Making Sense Of Workplace Personalities.”

4 Hour Interactive DiSC® Workshop.

We read each other on multiple levels. We read into what is said and how it is said and then make judgments about each other. The problem is, making judgments can work against your organization. For participants that go through DiSC® training, they gain insight into themselves and others unique style. Anyone who takes this workshop and even half pays attention, will never view anyone quite the same way again! (That’s a good thing!)

In this workshop, we introduce the DiSC® behavioral styles. This Successful Communication Workshop consistently bringing huge “Ah-ha’s”.

Suggested: DiSC® Professional Workplace, Sales or Management 26-page profile per attendee.

In This Highly Interactive DiSC® Workshop, You Will Learn:

  • Increased understanding of yourself, giving you the edge in all of your communications.
  • How to improve your communication skills.
  • How those around you think and communicate.
  • Smarter approaches, to get more of what you want.
  • Clarity with those you previously misunderstood.
  • To see conflict coming and know what to do if it happens.
  • A deeper respect for others way of being.
  • Increased emotional intelligence. *Studies indicate that a stronger EQ dramatically increases your earning potential.
  • High interaction and variety. Video’s, role-play, demonstrations and group discussion.
  • This continuous learning DiSC® interactive workshop is focused on: observing, recognizing and responding to the differences between individuals. We specifically work on the differences that cause immediate and obvious communication gaps.

This Powerful Communication DiSC® Workshop promises to:

  • Boost productivity.
  • Increase efficiency.
  • Improve your business communication skills.
  • Maximize effectiveness with coworkers and clients.
  • Increase your understanding of one another. This way you, your people, and your customers can work together far more effectively.

DiSC® Workshop #2: “When Styles Collide”

4 Hour Interactive Workshop

We know life gets messy! This communication based workshop teaches us what to do when a behavioral style’s value is crossed causing an unwanted or unanticipated stress response (conflict). Participants will practice proven ways to interact with other styles under stress. The best part of this communication workshop is the opportunity to safely practice interactions that build confidence as participants learn.

  • How each style creates conflict.
  • Proven ways to stop impasse within each style, once identified, the right response becomes clearer.
  • Key words and statements that will reduce conflict.
  • Increased competence for future interactions with staff and clients.
  • Valuable coaching in a safe setting with realistic approaches to adapt in the moment.
* This workshop series works best when workshops are spaced a few months apart, allowing participants to process and apply the information they just learned.

DiSC® Workshop #3: “After DiSC”

4 Hour Interactive DiSC® Workshop

An excellent follow-up for those who have completed the DiSC® workshop series.

This DiSC® workshop content is designed to instruct the areas of interest brought up by survey results given to students prior to the workshop. This workshop offers a fun, game oriented learning.

There are plenty of opportunities for your work group to increase their communication skills, emotional intelligence and people reading. Recommended between 6-months to a year after the DiSC® training series.

Because this session is designed for your group after surveyed, it can be repeated several times. The point of this workshop is to help you maintain your newly adopted communication culture.

  • Refresher of the DiSC® profiles.
  • Set your internal communication culture.
  • Gain more personal communication awareness.
  • Improve interpersonal skills.
  • Build greater trust with work-teams and crews.
  • Instill acceptance of others.
  • Increase understanding of how others communicate.
  • Grow leadership.
  • Improve morale.
  • Enhance performance.
  • Improve conflict resolution skills.
  • Increase harmony in operations.
  • Deepen awareness of differences and how to respond to them.
  • Achieve team work-flow and project effectiveness through understanding team members.
  • Learn how to be mutually respectful.

Group participation and interactive discussion as well as a survey of participants to determine exact content to discuss. Workshop will be focused on the topics of concern through the survey results.

Communication Culture Tools & Follow Ups

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"Pamela truly understands people. Her ability to understand and teach a diverse group of people how to interact with others is nothing short of amazing. Our business and personal relationships have been greatly enhanced by Pamela's DiSC® workshops."

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