Stop Employee Conflict Employee Training

Stop Employee Conflict Employee Training

they will learn...

Three Critical Keys to Lead Themselves Out of
Unending, Unnecessary, and Unproductive Drama, for Good.

Most people are ready to do anything to stop employee conflict. They just don't know how.

Statistically, employees experience annoyances in the workplace up to 10 times per day. When people are annoyed, they get distracted by the conflict. They begin shutting down. Even minor conflict reduces attention on work and turns into gossip, distrust, even drama. 

Managers manage on pins and needles. Good people cry at night because they feel harassed at work and don’t know how to stop it.

Maybe your team's conflict is not to this extreme, that’s good. Even minor conflict reduces attention on work. Conflict instead distracts employees to the point of discomfort and distrust. This transfers to lowered productivity. People stop loving their jobs. Eventually, the troubled employees stay and the good ones leave. Sound Familiar?

What if your teams could lead themselves through challenges, differences and conflict?

Stop Employee Conflict employee training will teach teams how to eliminate their own drama cycle. It will teach them to maintain healthy boundaries. You can expect your teams to lead themselves out of distrust, and back to work.

Stop Employee Conflict  Employee Training 

Topics and Learning Objectives

Upon, completion of this 4-hour seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the High-Noon mentality, our most common problem-solving mode. Learn how it forcibly divides our workplace, unconsciously sabotaging an entire company.
  • Identify the three ever-present, interchangeable psychological roles that people play in conflict; and why it’s killing workplace productivity.
  • Gain unique insights into managing the differing roles. Learn why and how to stay out of the drama roles.
  • Gain coaching in a safe, fully supported setting. Learn to resolve conflict through enhanced communication tools you can apply that day.


Pamela's training is backed by the most comprehensive, up to date and research proven methodologies to bring you a learning environment that is:

  • Fun and Fast paced.
  • Results Oriented.
  • Engaging.
  • Thought Provoking.
  • Conduct Changing.
  • Active.

Pamela's coach training style allows her audiences a deeper, introspective and more profound training experience. You will notice a learning environment that is comfortable yet challenging.

Pamela also makes time for any student that asks or you ask for. 

Workshop Tools

  • Customized interactive Stop Conflict Today workbook.