“Stop Employee Conflict Today” Management Training

and learn...

3 Critical Keys to Lead Your People
Out of Their Unending, Unnecessary,
and Unproductive Drama, for Good.

stop employee conflict

Do others blame and then act innocent

Most bosses are ready to do anything to stop employee conflict.

Conflict not only stops production, it keeps staff from doing their work. When staff are not pulling their own load, managers and administrators, AKA - babysitters and referees, never seem to get to their own work.

Annoyed teams get distracted and begin shutting down - this opens to door to conflict. Even minor conflict reduces attention on work which gets replaced by gossip, distrust, and even drama...

Managers manage on pins and needles, and good people cry at night because they feel harassed at work and don’t know how to stop it.

Maybe your conflict is not to this extreme, that’s good. Even minor conflict reduces attention on work and instead distracts coworkers toward infighting and distrust. This transfers to lowered productivity.

When conflict turns ugly at work (drama), the troubled employees stay
and the good ones leave. This means you’re building the wrong culture.

Differences of opinions and styles are what can give your company its edge. The handful of wildly successful companies that do work do so because they have mastered leading teams through challenges, differences, and conflict. 

Stop Employee Conflict Today will teach management what the drama cycle is, how to identify it and then how to eliminate it. Get ready to lead your people out of drama and back to work.

Course Topics and Learning Objectives

Upon, completion of this 1-day seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the High-Noon mentality, our most common problem-solving mode, and learn how it forcibly divides our workplace and unconsciously sabotages the entire company.
  • Identify the three ever-present, interchangeable psychological roles that people play in conflict and why it’s killing workplace productivity.
  • Gain unique insights into managing the differing roles and learn why and how to stay out of them.
  • Discover how to train your management team to resolve workplace conflict, company wide, without drama.
  • Gain coaching in a safe setting, fully supported in resolving conflict through enhanced communication tools you can apply that day.

Ready to use Stop Conflict Today plug-and-play PPT
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Pamela's coach training style allows her audiences a deeper, introspective and more profound training experience. You will instantly notice a learning environment that is comfortable yet challenging.

Pamela also makes time for personal attention for any student that asks.