Mentor Your Corporate Dream Team 

Corporate Dream Team Workshop
Mentor Corporate Dream Team

you will glean...

5 Critical Coaching Secrets
To Elevate Your Staff To Success

​3-hour "Mentor Your Corporate Dream Team" workshop, perfect for executives, executive teams and upper level management.
Great for a conference setting.

Poor performance issues with staff have been combatted for years with punishment, moving disengaged staff to other departments and after all else fails, firing. Management is just plain tired and frustrated. This ineffective trend has resulted in little or no improvement with the new hire replacements. And, the millennial challenges flooding the workplace are stopping even the best management dead in their tracks.

With the overwhelming ROI coaching executives for leadership performance has had, coaching is being vetted as a tool to positively affect entire companies. Because the cost to hire executive coaches for global organizations may be unthinkable, training executives to become leadership performance coaches within their own organizations makes dollars and cents.

Leading from the top down is the place to start. Administrators can gain the tools to support and bolster management who can pass on the learning to engage entire workplaces. If becoming a certified executive coach within your organization may also be out of reach until profits begin to rise, then learning the most important tool every highly successful executive coach uses in coaching leaders to success does not have to be out of reach.

What if you had the tools to inspire and revolutionize your teams to lead work through  their own challenges, differences and conflict?

Mentor Your Corporate Dream Team offers a surface dive into arguably the most important skills you can master in building your own dream team.  This course offers hands-on, practical and must learn skills of effectively reading and empowering your people, perhaps in ways you’ve never read them before. You will emerge with powerful mentorship skills that most only give lip-service to. Once you’ve mastered these powerful coaching techniques to mentor your corporate dream team, you will notice a profound difference in yourself, your people and their performance!

Mentor Your Corporate Dream Team Workshop 

Topics and Learning Objectives

Upon, completion of this 3-hour seminar, participants will gain tools to unify work teams through coaching and meet the following objectives:

  • Acquire a scripted way to provide instant support to improve performance without telling someone what to do.
  • Know  the difference between managing, mentoring and coaching, and when to apply each.
  • Become fluent in the most important, but scarcely used skill necessary to employ life-transforming coaching and mentorship in your workplace.
  • Apply a process to positively influence your group culture; shifting your staff from grumble to cooperation.
  • Brief introduction of DiSC behavioral styles and how dramatically they affect the workplace.
  • Insights into managing differing personalities, why they seem crazy to you, and how to still get the best from them.
  • Learn how to  get to the core of acting out employees.
  • Open your millennials up, improve mutual understanding, and dissipate millennial specific conflict.
  • Practice identifying the no-budge positions in a conflict and what that really means.
  • Live practice sessions. Personally, gain the opportunity to experience a taste of professional coaching.


Pamela's training is backed by the most comprehensive, up to date and research proven methodologies to bring you a learning environment that is:

  • Fun and Fast paced.
  • Results Oriented.
  • Engaging.
  • Thought Provoking.
  • Conduct Changing.
  • Active.

Pamela's executive coach training style allows her audiences a deeper, introspective and more profound training experience. She creates a learning environment that is comfortable yet challenging.

Pamela also makes time for any student that asks or you ask for. 

She masterfully:

  • Encourages meaningful self-evaluation.
  • Facilitates deep discussion through activities and problems based on real work situations
  • Brings groups together quickly. Gets strangers to participate like they’ve worked together for years.
  • Listens at a deep level to affect true change.

About the Presenter:

Pamela Cournoyer, executive leadership coach, corporate trainer and CEO of Powerful & True, Inc. a Leadership Mastery organization designed to draw out the phenomenal leader within, saw a need within organizations. Her passion to ensure everyone in the workplace has the opportunity to get coached birthed a unique certification program that trains executives to become coaches within their own organizations.

Workshop Tools

  • Interactive worksheets.

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