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Professional Women's Leadership
Group Mastery Program

Virtual Group for Professional Women Who Seek Personal Mastery

In this year-long TRANSFORMATIVE

Leadership Mastery group program, you will...

Get Jaw-Dropping Group Coaching!

Gain Invaluable Advice, Encouragement & Targeted Recommendations.

  • Build more productive and respectful relationships with others. (and actually do it).
  • Get support (while you take the stands you know you need to take).
  • Grow and expand your people skills to exceed your expectations.
  • A bottomless reservoir of leadership mastery support that includes our group, your buddy, and our FaceBook page.
  • Find and expand your executive leadership strengths. 
  • Position yourself for raises, promotions, rewards and recognition.
  • Let go of emotional stress that comes with managing yourself and others so that you can feel free and fulfilled every day.

Embrace the core essence of your Leadership. 

Access Powerful & True University.

Meet Pamela Cournoyer
Founder of Powerful & True, Inc. Leadership Mastery

Clients describe Pamela as delightful, vivacious, fiery and elegant...

Internationally known for her Motivational Speaking, Executive Leadership Coaching, Communication Consulting, Mediation & Conflict Resolution, Corporate Training, Interpersonal Skills Training, Public Speaking Coaching and DISC® Training, she is also the co-author of the best selling book LifeSPARKS (check out her chapter 'A Wreck In Paradise').

  • Jaw Dropping Coaching 2x a Month 90-minutes per session- Value $6,000
  • Create Real Change, Access Real Power & Get Targeted Recommendations - Value Priceless
  • 27 Page DiSC® Profile - Value $100
  • Lifetime access to Pamela's Personal Resource Library -
    Value $2,000

Total Value $8,100

Today, with a Wednesday, December 13th, 2017 start, 
You only pay $1,997 for an entire year of Coaching! 
or Monthly Payments of just $199

Ongoing, open enrollment group - jump in any time! The group will catch you up, you'll get access to all the replays. I NEVER run out of material, EVER!

Jeanne Sterry

 Jeanne Sterry 

 Bank Manager 


She is AMAZING! If you ever had any inclination to rocket launch your leadership, she is the one to talk with. No pressure, only positive energy, great tools and amazing support.