Ladies - Gain More Recognition, More Joy
And More Fulfillment with Amazing Support

Doyenne Group Coaching
For Professional Women Leaders

Virtual Group for Professional Women Who Seek Personal Mastery

In this year-long TRANSFORMATIVE

Leadership Mastery group program, you will...

Get Jaw-Dropping Group Coaching!

Gain Invaluable Advice, Encouragement & Targeted Recommendations.

  • Build more productive and respectful relationships with others. (and actually do it).
  • Get support (while you take the stands you know you need to take).
  • Grow and expand your people skills to exceed your expectations.
  • A bottomless reservoir of leadership mastery support that includes our group, your buddy, and our FaceBook page.
  • Find and expand your executive leadership strengths. 
  • Position yourself for raises, promotions, rewards and recognition.
  • Let go of emotional stress that comes with managing yourself and others so that you can feel free and fulfilled every day.

Embrace the core essence of your Leadership. 

Training Topics

Access Powerful & True University.

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Chantel Shelton

Meet Pamela Cournoyer
Founder of Powerful & True, Inc. Leadership Mastery

As an Executive Leadership Performance Coach, and Corporate Trainer, Pamela can take people light-years from where they are.

She sees the potential in people they don’t see themselves. She locks onto their strengths. and gets into your mind and your business so she can pull out your genius and your strength. She then expertly shines them back at you so you can step into your next dimension.

Pamela inspires you to take the steps you don’t even know are possible. You will see yourself get stronger and stronger, and stronger.

She sees the potential in her clients before they can see it in themselves. I can help them paint their masterpiece and then help them implement it!

Big vision, business planning, manage your next steps, and accountability are core with Pamela. Plus, she cares very, very deeply.

You will see Pamela over-deliver in many ways.  She doesn't accept mediocre, instead, she will ask the hard questions you are afraid to ask yourself. Pamela makes people think and teaches them how to think.

Meet Chantel Shelton
Founder of Confident Business Strategist & Confidence Coach

Chantel supports men and women to make confident choices for themselves and their businesses through Business Management and Confidence Coaching. She is a Certified Extraordinary Coach and has 10 years of Confidence Coaching experience.

In her own life, she has learned and developed methods that have enabled her to become a strong decision maker with relentless confidence.

No longer fretting over every little moment, she lives richly and boldly. She is called to pass on and teach this inner confidence and business savvy to everyone she meets.

At times it can be difficult to find strength and peace in our quest for balance. Intuitively and naturally, Chantel helps reveal the amazing gifts within each of us. Through loving support and a swift kick in the rear at times, she will help you thrive so you can live a fuller, more profound life, the one you've always dreamed of.

Chantel as Pamela's daughter, has more than caught her mother's skills, she's doubled them as a facilitator and coach along side Pamela. You are guaranteed to be wow'd by Chantel!

Pamela and Chantel, are a masterful team - it's like they can finish each other's sentences and shift your world all at the same time. Watch them position you as a Powerful & Valuable leader!

You will enjoy noticing Pamela and Chantel's professional people shaping abilities through bringing out your unparalleled leadership gifts. Plus, they are  just plain fun!  

What's In Your Package...

  • Jaw Dropping Coaching 2x a Month, 90-minutes per session- Value $6,000
  • Create Real Change, Access Real Power & Get Targeted Recommendations - Value Priceless
  • 27 Page DiSC® Profile - Value $100
  • Complete access to Pamela's Personal Resource Library -
    Value $2,000

Total Value $8,100

You only pay $1,997 for an entire year of Coaching!

Ongoing, open enrollment group - jump in any time! The group will catch you up, you'll get access to all the replays. We NEVER run out of material, EVER!

Jeanne Sterry

 Jeanne Sterry 

 Bank Manager 


She is AMAZING! If you ever had any inclination to rocket launch your leadership, she is the one to talk with. No pressure, only positive energy, great tools and amazing support.

You Are So Right With Me

I was so surprised my husband was completely on board with coaching - no interrogations or hard-nosed negotiations. 

I think it's because he can already see a BIG change in my energy. I feel excited to get up every day now and every interaction I have is completely different because I'm here and engaged now. I see myself, and I'm powerful.

Blessings and sincere appreciation and honor to you for being such a powerful mirror. You truly are doing what you are meant to do!!


Jennifer Whybra-Ucar, PMP