Speak Better. Grow Bigger. Workshop


Join Suzanne and Pamela for this 1 day knock-it-out-of-the-park
public speaking  workshop. 

Thursday, February 8th, 2018. 

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What makes a so-so speaker different from an AMAZING SPEAKER? Connection? Confidence? Humor? Expertise? How can you make even the most boring or analytical topics engaging? How do you leverage your own personality style and resonate with your audience in ways that will keep them totally engaged and telling others about you?

This is a highly interactive /experiential workshop for those new and seasoned speakers who want to sharpen their skills and up-level their presence with new set of tools in their toolbox. Bring your laptop with your latest programs and start tweeting it right on the spot and begin mastering these techniques right then and there!

Morning Session: What you will learn in "Be A Better Speaker"

  • 10+ CORE 'MUST HAVES's' techniques to enlist, equip and engage your audiences to absorb your information and want more!
  • The four ways you can embed your content into the minds of your audiences.
  • Learn the secrets of becoming a Trainer-Minded Speaker.
  • How to get instant credibility even before you hit the stage.
  • The ONE thing you SHOULDN'T do when asked by an audience member.
  • Why you should take more of a role in 'running the show'.
  • Who the real 'star' is at your event.
  • Bonus #1 = 'Enrolling' application template that will enable you to secure time with your audience 'buyers' for future business.
  • Bonus #2 = How to create a 'win-win' for both you and the host even if you agree to speak for 'free'.

Afternoon Session: What you will learn in "Public Speaking Fear-Buster"

  • 5 absolute  "no-no's" when using your hands during a presentation
  • The 4 powerful things to do with your thoughts when terrified.
  • 3 ways to appear relaxed vs ridged on stage.
  • What to do with your notes - whether you large projection screens and monitor or are standing before an audience of 3.
  • 3 easy-peasy ways to sell through simple body language techniques.
  • 4 fun ways to move your audience through your voice.
  • Bonus #1 = Audience needs analysis download to use to help you nail your audience's needs before you talk.
  • Bonus #2 = Peace Process download, perhaps one of the most powerful ways to become cool, calm and collected within moments - ever!

Your speaking confidence will soar after spending a day with us.

Must Attend Public Speaking Dynamic Duo Workshop in Portland, Thursday, February 8th!
Marquis Auditorium Tualatin, Oregon


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Your speaking confidence will soar after spending a day with us.

Speak better grow bigger

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