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Extraordinary Coach 2014
- The Peace Process-NLP Energy Process
-Instant Miracle Technique
-Muscle Testing/Applied Kinesiology

Train the Trainer I & II 2006

Basic Meditation Skills Training 2006

Instructor Certification content level for: Interpersonal Skills, Basic Instructor Development, Field Training & Evaluation Program

Toastmaster, Advanced Toastmaster 2005

Methods of Instruction for Police 1997

Basic Instructor Development Course I & II 1996 & 2001

Toastmaster, Competent Toastmaster 1996

Toastmasters International Competent Leader Program 1995



Pamela L. Cournoyer

Phone: 541.517.2285


Pamela works with leaders whose destiny is to become the 'New Remarkable', to influence and create meaningful, revolutionary change. She inspires leaders to reach more people, lead bigger, and attain the greatness they were put on this earth for. This is done by teaching people to consistently lead from their core TRUTH and INNER GREATNESS.

Pamela is an expert Communicator; observant, intuitive, articulate and can work with any personality with amazing results. She provides impressive Executive Coaching in the areas of: leadership, people management, conflict, interpersonal skills, communication, negotiation, motivation, passive-aggressive behaviors, and public speaking. Her leadership training is fun, interactive, and culture changing.

Pamela is proficient in conducting effective organizational conflict interventions, individual interpersonal conflict and group dynamics assessments and solutions. She has consistent results in consulting with and coaching leaders to manage easily triggered individuals and difficult groups. She expertly uses practiced innovative team problem-solving approaches.


Powerful & True, Inc. - since 2004, Portland, OR based
Executive Leadership Coaching, Training and Consulting Firm; CEO

  • Expertise includes Conflict Resolution, Facilitation of Difficult Meetings & Conversations, Executive / Management & Entrepreneurial Coaching, Interpersonal Skills Training.
  • Tools utilized: assessments, communication / interpersonal skills training, executive / management coaching, conflict resolution, problem solving.
  • Empower work relationships to establish mutual respect and harmony within working groups through trust building, problem solving, decision making and interpersonal skills training and coaching, mediation and change management.
  • Engaging Public Presentations, Conference workshops, Radio Show Interviews, and Television Interviews, Teleseminars, and Community Events – Excellent Reviews.
  • Public Speaking Coaching and Training for Executives and Politicians.

The following are snippets of Interventions, Facilitation, Training, Coaching & Consulting for Pamela while working at Powerful & True, Inc. (Formerly Communicate with CLASS, Inc.)

Executive Leadership Coaching 2004 - Present

  • Clarify client direction getting client crystal clear on exact results needed to achieve their or company's vision.
  • Strategize client actions through co-development of long and short-range goals could include monthly, weekly and daily plan of action.
  • Upgrade client skills to include Executive / CEO responsibilities, management skills, leadership, people skills, time management, sales, negotiation, delegation, conflict management and speaking.
  • Optimize client environment by taking a look at the environment; health, workspace, people and external pressures. Add or reduce systems for more effective results.
  • Master client psychology. Working beyond fears and doubts through mastering limiting beliefs that are getting in the way of success. How to deal with conflict. This is huge!

Arthur Lok Jack School of Business - University of West Indies; Trinidad, Trinidad and Tabago, West Indies
April 2014 - Present

Tier 1: Management Training Workshop

  • Introduced and taught for the third year in a row (quarterly workshops) 3-day "From Managers to Leaders" workshop; focus on teaching managers to coach and empower staff to solve their own problems rather than direct and problem solve for them. 
  • Large classes for Trinidad; Corporate, Ministry Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard in every class, rave reviews.

Tier 2: Management Training Workshop & Coaching

  • Continue 3-day "From Managers to Leaders" 3-day workshop and added "Stop Employee Conflict Today" which covers the drama triangle, "Stop Pleading, Start Leading" conflict resolution 2-day workshop and "4 Easy Ways to Increase Trust and Reduce Conflict" (2-hour teaser) workshop.
  • Off-site private corporate training and executive and management coaching purchased from KPMG - received high ratings. This is through a partnership with the Arthur Lok Jack School of Business and Powerful & True, Inc.

Circle of Champions Top Earners in ACN, American Communication Network
February 2014 - Present

Leadership Development Coaching / Individual Contracts not affiliated with ACN

  • Began work with one of the Circle of Champions top earners in the company in leadership, conflict management and motivation.
  • Currently coaching 3 of the top Circle of Champions money earners.
  • Currently coaching leadership teams destined for the Circle of Champions top money earners.
  • All coaching clients are now consistently the highest earners within their rated fields.

Women's Leadership Weekend, Conference - NYC, New York
Nov 11 2016 - Nov 12 2016

Workshop Presenter

  • 3 Powerful Keys To Get You Back In The Driver's Seat Of Your Life.
    Finally, Learn to Manage and Conquer Your Most Crippling Emotions!
  • Lively and interactive; rated exceptional

Petro-Land Group, Inc. - Tyler, TX
March 2012 - March 2015

Director Communication Training & Coaching

  • Part 1 and Part 2 Successful Communication training for land-men / women to build awareness for better optional approaches to clients, vendors and staff - Has been asked to return in 2015.
  • Coached Directors to improve effectiveness - 70% of participants signed up for coaching on the spot.
  • Contracted to re-train managers, received high ratings for training.
  • Contracted to coach owner and VP for 12-months; significant moves made to improve resources and cash flow within the very first session for VP.

Advisicon, Inc. Microsoft Project Management Firm - Vancouver, WA & Mexico City, MX
Oct 2012 - Present

Owner & Staff Training & Consulting

  • Introduced communication culture through administering DiSC® assessments, DiSC® training, and consulting - Advisicon has completely adopted DiSC® and regularly order profiles and annual training for staff.
  • Partnership developed through communication training and consulting with Advisicon client project management companies and teams. Webinars Wednesday partner.

Pepsi - Roseburg, OR
Oct 2012

Manager Intervention & Coaching

  • Intervention between managers to improve relationships and company image - significant results within one session.
  • Coached Higher Level manager to improve effectiveness with outspoken manager - has wholeheartedly adopted coaching recommendations.

Nike EHQ & WHQ Division - Beaverton, OR
Nov 2010

Live Screen To Emaus, NEtherlands & Onsite in Beaverton, OR Workshop Session

  • Taught Dealing with Difficult People, DiSC® Personality Training - simultaneous onsite and live-telecast video to The Netherlands - 96% vote to return.
  • Audible feedback from Nike handler company: "The Netherlands loved you, you pulled them in, you were highly interactive and engaging! I want to have you work with Greater China next and then Asia Pacific, then a transition Management Cafe and a radio show."
  • Also discussed was planning management group coaching for women managers, Nike Women's Marathon Mobile Unit and twice a week group training sessions in a small group.
  • Planned for Quarterly training and a Women's Training Club
  • (Handler left position soon after due to illness)

Springfield Utility Board - Springfield, OR
2005 - Present (Every two-years)

Customer Relations & IT Dept Interpersonal Skills Training

  • Administered DiSC® profiles - the company purchased DiSC profiles for new customer service representatives for 10-years.
  • Taught DiSC® Personality Training and Customer Service Training - have been asked back every two-years to revisit communication training.

Concepts For Community Living - Beaverton, OR
Feb 2011 - 2015

Conflict Management For Managers & Executive Suite Training & Coaching

Tier 1: Administered DiSC® Profiles, DiSC® Training
For select building directors to enable a more standardized culture and communication style.

  • Management Training: 12-hours Successful Communication series DiSC® Training; Very popular, dramatic results.
  • 6-months Management Group Coaching for 10 managers - exceptional reviews.

Tier 2: Expanded Training & Coaching

  • Management Training: Giving and Receiving Difficult Feedback, Meeting Management for Upper Management Team. Level 1 DiSC® training for building staff.
  • Partnered with HR management staff on curriculum facilitation and problem solving.
  • Executive coaching for Executive Suite and upper management: HR Director, Marketing Director, CFO, and Executive Director.
  • Shadow Coaching for targeted new management hires and building directors who needed a boost in building profits, problem solving, and staff management skills.

Tier 3: Targeted Interventions, Training And Coaching As Needed

  • Training: Managing Gossip training and intervention for select building managers challened with excessive staff gossip problems.
  • 6-month Director coaching for managers who were the lowest producers in the company - noticeable turn around within three months.
  • As needed Executive Coaching for Executive Suite and upper management: HR Director, Marketing Director, CFO, and Executive Director.

The Veterinary Hospital - Eugene, OR
2006 - Dec 2011

Staff Training & Interventions

  • DiSC® Assessments, Communication Training - resulting in establishing communication culture throughout organization.
  • Facilitation training for lead staff - outstanding reviews.
  • Interpersonal Skills Coaching for Business Manager - off and on for years.
  • Change Management planning and intervention during difficult transitioning of non-supportive employees - owner was astounded at the way her staff opened up and the agreements they made to step beyond the conflicts.

Widermere Realty - Portland, OR

Largest Realty Firm In OR, Owner Consulting

  • Intervention Coaching - how to intervene with difficult staff member - we had numerous sessions with excellent results.
  • Coached Owners and Accountant how to interview and motivate staff members to improve effectiveness - we developed 9 individualize approaches.

Ruby Porter Design - Eugene, OR
2009 - 2011

Marketing And Graphic Design Firm, Owner Consulting

  • Executive Coaching to manage difficult clients - huge sighs of relief after each session - this is the consistent feedback of executives and entrepreneurs.

Lord Leebrick Theatre - Eugene, OR
May - Jun 2010

Executive Director & Executive Board Intervention

  • Intervention between board members and Executive Director to improve board relationships - board made extensive changes in their approach and committed to healthier, professional relationships with the staff.
  • Coached Executive Director to improve effectiveness with board and staff - gained valuable insight about self and board - assisted in him gaining better ground with board, many hugs after the intervention.

Barrett Business Services - Eugene, OR
Mar - Jun 2010

Regional Management Coaching For Change Management

  • Coached Area Manager to establish leadership and comfortably enroll resistant staff members into the new management and release staff who refused to enroll - positive changes from staff when manager learned how to establish leadership.

Lane Public Transit District - Eugene, OR
2008 - Present

Tier 1: Community Image Transformation For Community Planning & Development

  • Consulted for assistance in addressing community opposition for massive transit expansion campaign.
  • Trained several board members (high-profile elected city position) and transit staff to deal with opposition. Work to heighten listening skills and "how to" manage an angry community audience - resulted in improved community acceptance.
  • Private and Group Coaching for staff to work with difficult community members - key problem community members made a dramatic role reversal on the spot.
  • Strategies to improve public relations image - made significant shifts in image and headed off several potentially damaging verbal altercations.
  • Public Speaking Coaching for Planning & Development Director - improved his listenership, notable shift in his personal presentation style and effectiveness.
  • Community Meeting Planning & Presentation Consulting - plans now were to work alongside problem community members rather than oppose them. Results - community opposition began to dissipate.
  • Community Meeting Observation and recommendations - LTD staff and board members shifted from nervous to confident.
  • Coached Planning Director to improve effectiveness with several boards and prepare staff to manage opposition with professionalism - approach shifted towards proactive and less defensive.
  • Introduced DiSC® for team and board members; taught how to manage conflict in community members utilizing DiSC® - easy to understand, applied with consistent results.

Tier 2: Pre-Management Training

  • 2-year trial: DiSC® management assessments, Successful Communication Series: DiSC® Training, Conflict Training, Difficult Feedback Training - management is still talking positively about the training years later; have been re-hired multiple times.

Tier 3: Pre-Management Training

  • After management feedback, organization chose to adopt DiSC® management assessments, DiSC® Training: Successful Communication Series and Conflict Training for all pre-management, new management and upper management hires for transit district.

Tier 4: All-Staff Training

  • 2014, 215 and 2016 rolled out DiSC® assessments and Successful Communication Series training to entire organization. Continuously voted as the best training yet!

Lane Community College Cottage Grove Center - Cottage Grove, OR
2010 - 2012

Intervention, Workshops, Consulting

  • Work team intervention - assisted manger in salvaging or dismissing a difficult staff member.
  • Communication training - improved overall staff communications, made significant strides in helping each understand one another.
  • Team observation, recommendations - gave manager insights in approaching staff.

Lane Community College Downtown Center - Eugene, OR
2010 - 2012

Intervention, Workshops

  • Work team intervention - provided much needed team insight and working agreements, director was thrilled with the results.
  • Communication training - for entire office staff, they heartily participated and requested more.
  • Team observation and recommendations - private work with resistant staff member resulted in a turn - around in her reactions towards staff.

Tamarack Wellness Center - Eugene, OR
May 2009 - July 2009

Health & Wellness Center; Intervention, Mediation

  • Intervened between two department directors who were no longer speaking to each other - the directors mended their relationship and made working agreements should future conflicts arise.
  • Utilized DiSC® assessments, provided communication training as a base, met with the staff members separately and then together - commended on quick results and seamless transitions.
  • Executive Director was extremely impressed and grateful for the change in the workplace atmosphere, staff were retained.

Lane Bookstore - Eugene, OR
May 2009 - May 2010

Community College Bookstore; Training, Intervention, Coaching

  • Provided initial training for staff members to set communication groundwork.
  • Facilitated team building strategic planning session.
  • Leadership and interpersonal skills coaching for department leads.
  • Strategic planning.
  • Meeting observation and recommendations.

Department of Human Services - Eugene, OR
Feb 2009 - June 2009

Staff; Stress Support, Training

  • Provided training as a contract trainer through employee assistance provider. My company was subsequently contracted to give "Gossip and Backbiting" workshop and "Surviving Change" workshop.

Change Management Workshop

  • "Managing Change" and "Stop The Gossip" training - participants thanked me numerous times for their insights and new awareness.

Grace Lutheran Church - Eugene, OR
Aug 2008 - Feb 2009

Local Pastorate; Intervention, Mediation

  • Intervention between two staff members who would not work together and were causing great discomfort throughout the church.
  • Utilized DiSC® assessments, provided communication training as a base, met with the staff members separately and then together for several months until they could work up agreements together on how to listen to one another and work together. 
  • Board of directors was extremely impressed and grateful for the change in the church body due to the work.

City of Eugene - Eugene, OR
Aug 2008 - Feb 2009

HR & Training Department; Intervention

  • Conducted retreat for staff members who were under great stress and unable to work together amiably.
  • Provided initial assessment, met with some staff members separately and then worked together creating agreements on how staff was to listen to one another and work together. 
  • Department director was extremely satisfied and recommended our work throughout the agency.

TRADIA Commerce Network, Inc. - Portland, OR
Feb 2007 - 2011

Franchise; Corporate Culture Consultant, Coach, Interventions

  • Coach franchise owner to re-think and re-do the way they lead franchisee's.
  • Interventions during traumatic franchisee relationships.
  • Provided assistance to improve and then maintain interpersonal relationships between franchise owner and franchisee's.

TRADIA Commerce Network, Broker Board - USA
Sept 2006 - May 2007

Franchisee; Consultant, Coach, Intervention

  • Coached franchisee's how to communicate with corporate, included interventions between franchisee's, regular coaching sessions, and facilitated broker board monthly calls to broker members.
  • Encouraged brokers who would not work out their differences to move on, coached those who chose to continue with the organization.
  • Was responsible for broker board reputation transformation from gossip and backbiting to proactive and trustworthy.

Alvord-Taylor Independent Living - Springfield, OR
Sept 2007 - 2012

Nonprofit Assisted Living Organization; Training, Coaching, Interventions

  • Established common communication groundwork training.
  • Coached 10 managers how to run effective meetings, intervened between managers and staff, assisted with establishing healthy ground rules and communication protocols.
  • Provided leadership and interpersonal skills coaching for Executive Director, Program Manager, Human Resources Manager and other managers as assigned.
  • Instrumental in crisis intervention response during grievance issued against Executive Director.
    Intervention between executive board members, applied survey, individual coaching and finished with group facilitation forming executive agreements and operational procedures.

Oregon Commission on Children and Families - Salem, OR
March 2006

Positive Youth Development Advisory Council, State of Oregon
Contract Facilitator for Roundtable #2

  • Co-facilitated roundtable day long workshop and work sessions with teenage daughter to demonstrate youth and adult partnerships. Daughter in now a coach and communication trainer on the P & T team. 

Lane Community College - Eugene, OR
Feb 2006 - June 2006

Human Resources Department, Professional Organizational Development
Contract Intervention for Conflict Between Department Staff and Coordinators

  • Contracted to provide consulting, needs assessment and intervention strategy; combined skills with P.O.D. manager to impact an effective long-term solution.
  • Taught critical interpersonal skills; facilitated meetings between management and staff to improve communication and morale; contract was extended due to effectiveness of intervention.

Wellness Training - Oregon
2006 - 2008

Cascade Wellness, Inc. And EAP Provider for Oregon Companies

  • Designed wellness curriculum.
  • Taught wellness workshops all over the state of Oregon; received consistent high-ratings.

Lane County - Eugene, OR
Nov 2005

Lane County Government, Human Resources Department
Contract Trainer for Multi-Agency Information Services Staff

  • Taught workshops on critical group facilitation methods to department head, management and team leads; received outstanding reviews.

Women in Leadership Conference - Eugene, Oregon
Nov 2005

Womenspace Community Sponsored Event
Workshop Presenter

  • "How to deal with 'those' people in your meetings;" lively and interactive, 80 participants; rated exceptional. 

Lane County - Eugene, OR
Jan 2005 - April 2005

Lane County Government, Human Resources Department
Facilitator for Diversity Committee Restructure/Action Plan

  • Outlined the Diversity Action Committee restructure.
  • Facilitated successful 4-hour workshop to monitor the County's diversity plan.
  • Was immediately re-hired to facilitate further committee restructure.

Retired and Senior Volunteer Program - Eugene, Oregon
Feb 2005 - Mar 2005

Non-profit Senior Volunteer Program
Project Manger for RSVP Grant Program

  • Program organizer for local senior center; designed recruiting plan to increase volunteerism. Compiled a comprehensive volunteer manual.
  • Developed and trained AmeriCorps college students in "The Art of Public Speaking"; reviewed as the best training the AmeriCorps participants ever had.

Curriculum Development
Community Policing
Crime Prevention

OR Department of Public Safety, Standards and Training - Salem, OR
July 2005 - July 2009

State Government, Regional Training Department
Independent Contractor; Interpersonal Skills Training for Multi-Agencies

  • Communications Trainer for Basic Dispatch Course; consistent exceptional evaluations.
  • Basic Instructor Development Course trainer; asked to rebuild outdated curriculum for Instructor course and develop curriculum for a Mentorship course.
  • Implemented interactive training methods to prevalent Field Training & Evaluation Program; instructors evaluations improved from mediocre to excellent.

Department of Justice, ICITAP - Kosovo, Europe
Sept 2004 - June 2005

Community Policing Sub Contract with MPRI & SAIC
Contractor through International Criminal Investigative Assistance Training Program

Tier 1: Performed Community Assessments, Recruited Community Members to Participate in a Long-term Community Building Program. Community recruits included: law enforcement, government, educators, business owners, community activists, light criminal element, neighborhood associations, small business, local corporations and youth - resulting in dynamic grassroots Community Safety Action Teams, still active.

  • Taught partnerships and problem solving to personally recruited community groups enabling multi-ethnic, seriously trust-comprised relationships to repair and ultimately thrive.
  • Successfully consulted and intervened in strategic problem solving and partnership building, nurtured unheard of working partnerships.
  • Initiated local Community Safety Action Teams and a National Community Safety Council. Built a strong foundation and resources for future community problem-solving.
  • Developed, implemented and evaluated Trainer-of-Trainers curriculum; combining Community Oriented Policing theory with practical classroom facilitation and training techniques.
  • Identified and trained Albanian and Serbian community policing trainers committed to sustainable community policing concepts.
  • Designed and delivered "Trainer-of-Trainers" workshop in preparation for Tier 2.

Tier 2: Performed Community Assessments and then Recruited Community Members to Participate in a Long-term Program Designed to Build Community in a War Torn Land.

  • All of the above plus;
  • Mobilized and coached Albanian and Serbian community policing trainers committed to sustainable community policing concepts. Their role was to pick up where our team left off; training Kosovo nationals in problem-solving and partnership building - a significant accomplishment for the political environment at the time.

Click here to watch a video about our mission...

Retired and Senior Volunteer Program - Eugene, OR
Aug 2003 - August 2004

Non-profit Senior Volunteer Program
Contract Project Manager for FY-2004 State Project Grant

  • Program organizer for three local senior centers; upgraded existing programs.
  • Consulted for RSVP and various senior center's staff on volunteer concerns - greatly improving relationships between staff and volunteers.

Contract Project Manager for Regional Emergency and Disaster Initiative, (REDI)

  • Recruiter/organizer for county and state agencies to partner with RSVP on grassroots Homeland Security concept.

United Way of Lane County - Eugene, Oregon
Dec 2003 - May 2004

Non-profit Community Caring and Volunteer Mobilization
Ad Hoc Committee to Reorganize Volunteer Center

  • Co-Facilitator for committee, worked with Department Managers, Community Leaders and Executive Director - received numerous requests for facilitation from this effort.

Thurston Christian Church - Springfield, OR
June 2003 - July 2006

Faith Based Leadership
Campaign Director for 40 Days of Purpose & 40 Days of Community

  • Mange, support and provide leadership to 10 team coordinators.
  • Oversee and implement action plan for spiritual growth campaign for church of 250+

Women's Ministries

  • Organize and plan Women's Issues programs "In His Grip" - massive unheard of attendance from women of the church and community.

Western Community Policing Institute - Salem, Oregon
June 1996 - Present

Non-profit Community Policing Regional Training Center
Contract Community Police Team Leader and Trainer

  • Augmented community partnerships through training workshops: Communication, Conflict Resolution, Facilitation, Mediation, Problem Solving, Managing Change, Homeland Security, Community Mobilization, Partnerships, Strategic Planning And Implementation.
  • Problem solved volatile community issues with audiences including government, media, business, special interest groups and community activists.
  • Trainer and team lead; utilized "adult learning" and "facilitation style" training methods.
  • Recommended course design; private consulting for curriculum modification and production.

Oregon State Police - Salem, OR
Winter 1995 - 2001

State Police Recruit Training School
Interpersonal Skills Trainer for Recruits

  • Taught Communications, Problem Solving, Conflict Resolution, Mediation, Presentations and Facilitation for first and second year Oregon State Police recruits; received superior evaluations.

Lane Community College - Eugene, Oregon
1993, 1997, 2002

Adult Education and Police Recruit Courses

  • Taught Conflict Resolution and Community Oriented Policing for Police Reserve Academy.
  • Instructed on Domestic Violence with officer safety considerations for Police Reserve Academy.
  • Adult Education Instructor - "Surviving Horse Fever - for new and prospective horse owners" - very popular for its short season.


Triple Certified Extraordinary Coach, 48 hours each - 5 Individual Certifications
Feb 2012 - 2015

  • The Peace Process (Instantly Relieves Stress and Negative Built Up Emotions)
  • NLP Energy Process (Neuro-Linguistic Coaching Technique)
  • Instant Miracle Technique (Removes Negative Belief System Blocks)
  • Muscle Testing/Applied Kinesiology (Tests for Negative and Positive Emotions and Responses in the Body)

Pamela was also a coach on Christian Mickelson's Coaching Team.

Train the Trainer for Extraordinary Coach
June 2014

Train the Trainer I & II Millionaire Mind Certification - 60 hours
Oct 2006

Basic Mediation Skills Training - 40 hours
March 2006

Toastmasters International Competent Leader Program
Jan 1995

Toastmaster, Competent Toastmaster
Feb 1996

Toastmaster, Advanced Toastmaster
Dec 2005

Methods of Instruction for Police
Feb 1997

Basic Instructor Development Course I & II - Oregon Department of Public Safety, Standards & Training
Oct 1996 & Sept 2001

Instructor Certification Content Level - Interpersonal Skills, Basic Instructor Development, Field Training and Evaluation Program
Dec 2006