DiSC® Work of Leaders Profile

DiSC® Work of Leaders Profile


What are your leader’s cornerstone principles?

Purchase Work of Leaders profile for the perfect tool to assess and develop yourself to do your best work with your current and future leaders.

Leaders purchase Work of Leaders assessment to see

  • what has or has not been effective in your leadership.
  • how you are most likely to apply your goals.
  • what effect your leadership has on your people.
  • how to more easily anticipate future challenges based on understanding your style of leadership.

Instead of looking at the one-to-one relationships of management (as Everything DiSC Management does), this profile approaches leadership as a one-to-many relationship.


Introducing Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders Profile


What happens when you purchase Work of Leaders profile?

You gain insight on how leaders’ tendencies influence their effectiveness in normal leadership situations. (Spells it out for you)

What is in the box when you purchase Work of Leaders profile report?

  • A definition of your leadership style as compiled from from life experiences, character, naturally wired tendencies and your working Emotional Intelligence.
  • Your top leadership priorities and strengths.
  • Leadership challenges and ways to adapt your behavior to become an even better leader.
  • How to craft a vision, build alignment within that vision and tangible steps to lead it into fruition.
  • How to best lead groups of people toward a desired action.
  • Ways to provide helpful feedback to peers, subordinates and key players in your organization.
  • Your own personal leadership development action plan.
  • Priceless tips on becoming a more effective leader.

Uses: Leadership development, executive coaching, career development

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