Fear Buster Public Speaking Workshop – Portland

Fear Buster Public Speaking Workshop – Portland


12 Actions You Can Take To Bust Through Your Public Speaking Fears And Show Confidence in Front Of Any Audience, ANYWHERE.

Attend this Public Speaking Workshop in Portland October 13th, it’s combined with Be A Better Speaker workshop, with keynote and motivational speaker Suzanne Tulein!


This Workshop is guaranteed to be…

— Fun
— Interactive
— Insightful
— Speaker Changing


Ready to totally bust yourself out of your public speaking fear zone?


Join Pamela for this 2-hour knock-it-out-of-the-park public speaking fear-buster workshop. Sign up today!


The best, most practical public speaking workshop Portland has!


Learn The Keys To Sell Using Your Body Language.
Master How To Motivate With Your Voice.
Truly Become Compelling, Engaging and Memorable!


— Do you know what to do with you when you stand before a group?
You’ll learn what to do with your hands, how to stand, how to move
and what to do with your notes.

— Do you shudder at the thought of picturing your audience naked?
There is a better way to overcome nervousness and I’ll show you.

— Learn the key to convey sincerity, passion, and excitement for even
the most boring of topics. No kidding!


Here are just a few of the topics we will cover in this 2-hour workshop:

— Stand & Command
— Be Sincere, Not Cavalier.
— Make Sure Your Syllables Are Billable.
— Shower Your Room With Power.
— And 7 More Must Learn Topics.
(Activities, practice, and networking are guaranteed)

Next Public Speaking workshop Portland: TBD

BONUS: When you sign up for this workshop, you’ll receive
a complimentary Phenomenal Leader Breakthrough Private
Session with a professional leadership results coach. $549 Value.


Pamela Cournoyer is an internationally known:

— Motivational Speaker.
—Best Selling Author.
— Executive leadership coaching.
— Communication consultant.
— Mediator and conflict resolution expert.
— Corporate Trainer.
— Interpersonal skills expert.
— Public Speaking Coach.
— DiSC© practitioner.
— 6 Master Trainer-of-Trainer certifications.
— Big Money Business Coach certified.


Once you’ve registered for the Public Speaking workshop in Portland,
we will reach out to you to confirm your class date and registration.
*Warning: Once a class is filled, that date is no longer available. Book early.

Want to bring this fun workshop to your company? Contact Pamela Today!



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