Amazon Bestselling Author – Pamela is a co-author of the book LifeSPARKS!  An Amazon Bestselling book!

Be sure to read Pamela’s LifeSparks story, “A Wreck In Paradise!”

You’ll find yourself sitting on the edge of your seat while you re-live Pamela’s courageous way of managing the ridiculous pickle she squarely planted herself in. Pamela will teach you how she manipulated her quirky thoughts to re-enact her heroine, “The Unsinkable Molly Brown,” as she vividly describes her adventure.

Pamela’s story telling style is both dynamic and funny. She shares how she learned that any incident can make or break you. She also reveals how we can become an everyday hero and leader through our response to crisis. As Pamela forthrightly shares her resistance, and then, her turning point in her cataclysmic life event. You will enjoy this profound and thought provoking message; guaranteed to spark you.

Upon purchase of this personally signed copy of the book LifeSPARKS, you will receive a Thriving Executive Strategy Session. Pamela’s personalized strategy sessions are valued well over $500!

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The book LifeSPARKS unveils candid, dynamic and dramatic stories from everyday hero’s and leaders. Each LifeSPARKS chapter shares 23 author’s resistance and turning point in their cataclysmic life event. Absorb profound and thought provoking messages guaranteed to spark you.  

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