Leaders in Paradise 6 day


Unlock the spectacular leader in you -

learn to build a team that is enthusiastic, works well together and respects you.

Join me in sunny

Akumal, Mexico

September 19th through Sept 25th

or on a week of your choosing

A RIP-ROARING, all inclusive
executive leadership coach,  hands-on training &
adventure combined into one!

Designed for up to 6 executives or your own team, who want to learn more effective ways to manage and motivate your people.

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7 NIGHTS and 6 DAYS, all inclusive (including US based airfare), in beautiful Mexico, where the weather is always nice, the water is always warm and the people are always friendly.

You and your team will experience Professional coaching, mentoring and engagement training. This will include daily exciting and exotic adventures designed to lock in the learning and leverage your strengths so you and your team can work at maximum strength and efficiency.



  • Self-mastery of your leadership style to truly motivate your people.
  • Ability to take control of your emotions; cutting-edge ways to control your temper and eliminate hurt feelings.
  • Proven and practical ways to work effectively with difficult personalities.
  • inroads to maximize your leadership effectiveness.
  • Masterful formulas to shift your people from "no-way" to "yes-way."
  • Surefire ways to positively engage and unify your team.
  • A reusable toolkit to enhance what you've learned at Leaders In Paradise.
  • A treasure chest of sophisticated negative self-talk removal techniques for a speedy turn around!
  • Ability to finally deliver the most difficult feedback with ease and finesse and profit from it.
  • The leadership training and coaching  you need, when you need it, ongoing support for a full year.


  • Gain invaluable leadership insights?
  • Learn key engagement coaching skills?
  • Lead through applying executive coaching skills within your own organization?
  • Have the time of your life in one of the most exotic places on earth?!
Leaders in Paradise 6 day
Leaders in Paradise 6 day

6 Management Transforming Modules 

You will learn up-and-coming must-have's like:

Innovative coaching vs management. Essential emotional intelligence skills. Vital keys to working with difficult personalities. No-nonsense ways to work with passive-aggressive people. Highly-effective strategies for individual and group interventions.  Eye-opening methods to employ to motivate people and improve overall company morale.

Classroom Learning

You will experience once in a lifetime adventures with a coaching twist that will grow you and your team tremendously!

You will get to do things like:

Engage The Exotic & The Unusual!

"I actually got the attention and curiosity from a giant sea turtle. She followed me after locking onto my eyes - it was magical! This 100 year-old beauty dining on the seafloor, invited me to share her meal!"


Such as a privately held Cenote (underground river or lake) hidden in the Mayan jungle.

"Our last group swam in the Cenote at dusk, just when the jaguars come to quench their thirst at the opening. It was both terrifying and breathtaking! Don't worry, the jaguars stayed out of our view, (but not out of sound!)"


Fasten your seat belt as you Zip-Line over dramatic lagoons

This exotic lagoon was exclusive,
and only accessible to our tour guide.

"I conquered a life-long fear of heights by pushing myself to zip-line. It was a hoot!"


At popular watering holes on the beach!

This is the  <
perfect time...

to wrap up an exquisite and integral day of learning and adventure.

This is YOUR opportunity to SKYROCKET YOUR LEADERSHIP & authentically engage your people

Other adventures may include...

  • Swimming with whale sharks 
  • Cliff diving (or jumping for the fainter of heart)
  • Riding speeding Dolphins
  • Horseback riding (on the beach and through the jungle)
  • Touring on ATV's in the Jungle (dirt roads that lead to more adventures)
  • And more surprises... We can't tell you everything, it will spoil the fun.

Without a doubt, leadership couldn't be "caught" more easily and in a more exciting venue.
Our training combined with the adventure is the most natural leadership growth opportunity out there today.

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Coaching is proven to improve employee behavior up to 500% above traditional management methods, so why not use them in your organization from the top, down?

This hands-on, fully participative, Train-U-Cation infuses a coaching approach to leading management teams and staff. Coaching shifts Executives from a hierarchical stance of “I know and you don’t” to a co-creative model that gleans untapped skills for management. Coaching underlies the belief that your manager inherently knows what to do in every situation; one of the hottest management shifts today!

Executive management will learn skills to surface their own and their employee’s genius within. “From Executives to Leaders” curriculum provides your leaders’ with enhanced interpersonal skills critical to effective communication. The coaching techniques taught and more importantly "caught" will increase trust, has the ability to dramatically improve morale and are guaranteed to enhance team performance and productivity.

Expect to challenge your own beliefs about how things should be done.

​Executives will learn and use proven conflict resolution techniques including skills like provocative questioning, interests and positions, and development of super listening skills. Your leaders will know how to earn respect from both peers and staff.

As you observe the shift “From Executives to Leaders,” you will notice management aspiring to a higher level of productivity in this highly transformative and unique Executive Leadership Training Program.

Upon completion of this 6-segment workshop, participants will:

leaders in paradise 6 days
  • Demonstrate coaching; the most influential methodology for behavioral change on the planet today.
  • Gain tools to unify management teams through coaching.
  • Know the difference between managing and coaching, and how to flawlessly apply each model.
  • Become fluent in the two most important, but scarcely used skills necessary to employ life-transforming coaching in your administration.
  • Use plug and play templates designed to facilitate learning and utilize coaching during tough conversations and interventions.
  • Apply action steps to positively influence your organization’s culture; shift your management from grumble to cooperation.

The 8 Tools of Coaching Segments:

Why Do I Need To Coach?Setting a working foundation that actually works!

  • Coaching vs. Executive Management, each is most effective at the right time and the right situation. When is that, and with whom?
  • Form cutting edge thought processes that encourage respectful communication between you and your management team.

I’m Amazing, Why Doesn’t Everyone Else Get It?
How To Make Clashing Personalities Work Through Coaching

  • Introduction of DiSC® behavioral styles; identify your preferred Executive Management style.
  • Insights into managing differing personalities, why they seem crazy to you, and how to still get the best from them.
  • Gain awareness of the only two factors you need to know in order to identify a clashing personality style.
  • Learn what motivates you, but maybe not others.
  • Use your own oxygen mask first; build awareness in yourself of what drives you nuts.
From Managers to Leaders 6 Day
  • Build awareness and minimize the impact of staff naturally headed for a clash.
  • Learn which unprovoked actions can cause horrific clashes.
  • Learn why clashes happen and 4 simple tools that will instantly reduce the frequency and intensity.
  • Know what to do when a personality clash happens.
  • Gain language throughout to lessen clashing personalities and their impact as well as improve workplace culture.

Coaching Skills That Take Executives From Survive to Thrive;
Introduction to the coaching mindset and processes

  • Three scripted ways to provide instant support to improve performance.
  • How to get more work out of unproductive managers through capitalizing on their strengths.
  • Gain a coaching planning list of ways to ensure you are actually boosting employee performance.
  • Learn four unique ways to coach and motivate your low performers so they will respond.
  • Experience a process that will enable you to successfully work with any frustration or button-pusher on your team.

Stop The Conflict; Start The Conversation

  • Learn an amazing listening model that gets powerful results every time you use it.
  • Really get to the core of the acting out employees; release the tension and allow unsettled management to move on.
  • Apply special conflict resolution techniques proven to calm and clear the mind during intense situations.
  • Open your people up, improve mutual understanding and dissipate conflict through active listening.
Leaders in Paradise 6 day

Keeping Your Cool In Hot Situations;
Use Emotional Intelligence As The Coolant

help leaders surface people problems
  • Learn exactly what “EI” is and why is it so important to master.
  • Discover which personalities have difficulty mastering EI and what to do about it.
  • Identify two of the most important keys to manifesting EI.
  • Understand how developing EI will give you more control over your career and life.

3 Ways To Eat Passive-Aggressive Behaviors For Breakfast;
And Not Have Indigestion By Lunch

  • Learn how Passive Aggressive personalities’s gain a foothold at work and how to lose their hold over you.
  • 3 coaching secrets that will stop passive aggressive behaviors from impacting your bottom line.
  • How to spot and stop passive aggressive behaviors in their tracks.
  • Survival tactics to use during passive aggressive “attacks” so you can leave your armor at home.
leaders in paradise 6 days

The Secret To Coaching Successful Employee Interventions

leaders in paradise 6 days
  • Gain two plug and play forms to flawlessly guide you through group and individual interventions.
  • Practice Identifying the no-budge positions in a conflict and what that really means.
  • Learn ways to uncover the hidden interests and agendas of the conflicted parties.
  • Gain the proven techniques to explore effective resolutions.
  • Tactfully eliminate dysfunctional or unhealthy actions and suggestions.
  • Secrets to managing repeated internal conflicts.
  • Live practice sessions until you feel successful.

Build The Group Culture You Want Instead Of The One You Have;
7 Easy Ways To Bring Your Workplace Together Through Coaching.

  • Identify your current workplace culture using a customizable, and comprehensive workplace culture template.
  • Build your own plan to implement in your workplace from 7 free and easy to implement options.
  • Determine your best option to increase trust and bolster morale now.
  • Identify the best leadership strategy for your workplace for instant improvement.
Leaders in Paradise 6-day

Professional 26-page DiSC® management, profiles for executive leadership training attendees

*Professional workbook for Executive Leadership Training workshop attendees

We expect the September 2017 Leaders in Paradise to be selling out quickly as seats are limited. Schedule your call today with Pamela to see if this is the right fit for you or your team.

Your rewarding adventure awaits you...