Powerful & True

Join me in sunny

Akumal, Mexico

on a weekend of your choosing

A RIP-ROARING, all inclusive,
leadership growth training &
adventure combined into one!

Designed for individual leaders or
executives. (If you want to set up your
very own Team experience, click here).


4 NIGHTS and 3 DAYS, all inclusive, in beautiful Mexico, where the weather is always nice, the water is always warm and the people are always friendly. You will experience Professional coaching, mentoring and engagement training. This will include daily fun and exciting adventures designed to lock in the learning and stretch you so you can lead REALLY BIG!

Gain invaluable Leadership insights, learn key engagement coaching skills and have the time of your life in one of the most exotic places on earth!



  • An understanding of your leadership style and how to use it to your advantage.
  • Emotional Intelligence; how to manage your own temper and hurt feelings.
  • Knowing how to manage difficult personalities and people.
  • Remove blocks that have been stopping you for your entire life.
  • Ways to shift yourself from grumble to humble.
  • Surefire ways to positively engage & unify everyone around you!
  • The ability to actually do what you've learned at Leaders In Paradise.
  • Tools to remove the negative self talk about yourself and others, and master your thinking once and for all!
  • A confidence to tell people what you really think and profit from it! Deliver the most difficult feedback with ease and finesse.


Gain Invaluable Leadership Insights, Learn Key Engagement
Coaching Skills AND HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE in one of
the most exotic places on earth?!

You will experience once in a
lifetime adventures with a
coaching twist that will grow
you tremendously!

You will get to do things like:

Swim in the Caribbean < 
with Sea Turtles!

"I learned how to engage a giant sea turtle. She even followed me after locking onto my eyes - it was magical. This 100 year-old beauty was dining on the seafloor, inviting me to share her meal!"


hidden deep in the Mayan jungle.

"Our group swam in the Cenote at dusk, just when the jaguars come to quench their thirst at the opening. It was both terrifying and breathtaking! Don't worry, the jaguars stayed out of our view (but not out of sound!)"


Over exotic lagoons

These exotic lagoons are exclusive,
and only accessible to our tour guide.

"I conquered a life-long fear of heights by pushing myself to zip-line. It was a hoot!"


At a popular watering hole on the beach!

This is the  <
perfect time...

to wrap up our adventures
and training from an exciting
day of learning and adventure.

This is YOUR opportunity to SKYROCKET YOUR LEADERSHIP skills & authentically engage your people

Other adventures may include...

  • Making friends with Lala the spider monkey
  • Swimming with whale sharks
  • Cliff diving
  • Swimming with Dolphins
  • Horesback riding
  • Riding ATV's in the Jungle
  • And more surprises... We can't tell you everything, it will spoil the fun!

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  • Meet Pamela
  • Testimonials
  • Bonuses

What makes you so special Pamela?

I was an average coach, getting average results for years...​

...until, I was able to really see what was stopping people, just like you, from being the true leader they were meant to be.  

I now am getting astonishing results with leaders and know how to pass it on to you.

The proof is in the pudding...


  • Hundreds of management executives have started my management leadership training, tense and frustrated with themselves and their people. Those same students soared out of class totally ignited as powerful and true leaders.
  • My Management Training program is now required training content for the Trinidad Coast Guard.
  • One financially frustrated executive who never pushed beyond $130,000 reached $250,000 in under a year of coaching with me!
  • KPMG West Indies office of an international accounting firm just completed this content and said it was the BEST Management training and insight they had received to date!


  • brand new small business owner made $45,000 in 1 month within her first 4-months of coaching with me.
  • A client hit regional VP of a well known network marketing company in under a year and now acts as a coach to his people. He LOVES his paychecks!
  • Another business owner designed a lucrative event that spread like wildfire to three states after its premier!
  • Another emerging professional who spent most of her time cloistered in the mountains of Canada, successfully completed her second live International event in England. She now has her own dedicated tribe and runs events all over the world!

If you'd like to check out my credentials, click here.

Now that you know you want to strengthen and grow your leadership to be the best Leader you could possibly imagine...