Hello, What Do You Do? Were You Were Meant To Do What You Do Now? How Do You Know?

How to gain extraordinary peace of mind through finding and knowing what you were meant to do!

How would you answer that? Do you even believe that all people are meant to “be” or “do” something in their lifetime? If you don’t have a clear answer to what you were meant for, at the very least, answer this; are you fulfilled in your career? Do you have peace of mind in what you do?

Maybe you don’t have an answer you like, just yet. Maybe you are caught in the web of self-analysis about your purpose and life and the cosmos.  

Most of us assess our life meaning by what happens to us. If we label an event that happened to us as not good, we will have a tendency to allow that life event to take over. We then lose sight of our dreams, our desires and our goals and instead, we become enslaved to our never-ending influx of emails, boss’s critique the next project. It can be downright discouraging. You have no peace of mind in what you do.

What if life can be what you want it to be? What if you can take charge and you can make a difference? What if you don’t have to have a name like Albert Einstein, Mother Teresa or Bill Gates to know what you were meant to do? What if you can have peace of mind in what you do?

Pamela offers fundamental insight, thought-provoking questions and a fresh approach to finding peace of mind in what you do. She attests that you have a right to live a fulfilling life.

You’ve got an important decision to make, and you’ll sleep easier by getting started on what you were meant to do. To avoid disappointment, be sure to attend this talk!

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