The Brave Start Here

Excellent Opening Keynote. Gets people networking throughout your event.

Everyone wants to network with confidence and ease. Few do.

Attending conferences offers major networking opportunities. Because most of us are not "crowd divers," meaning eager people jump in and network like pros, most of us are actually some form of "crowd ducker". That means we are awkward, resentful and often avoid networking events like it's the plague.  

This talk focuses on the "crowd duckers" and even give handy tips for networking pros.

“ Learn to start a conversation like it matters...”

This entertaining and lively keynote will give you practical ways to prepare yourself for an eventful networking opportunity.  You'll learn who to focus on, how to get the right kind of attention, how to captivate the person in front of you and get a better shot at getting their business. You'll also learn how to project confidence, (even when you have none). You'll learn tips from the posture, to the right kind of eye contact to a believable handshake. (Talk is based on US audiences - Pamela will happily adapt this talk to your country and culture). 

Denise Dumas-Koylass

Pamela. I was impressed and moved by your presentation. Thank you for being so warm, honest and inspiring!               July 2017

Director HRM Personnel Dept ELPIS Centre, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus, Trinidad and Tobago