Heal Cancer In 3 Months - Keynote

How Pamela Was Able To Heal Stage IV Cancer In 3 Months

It was December 3, 2011 when this life-shattering news came to Pamela from her doctor, "Pamela, you are in stage IV lymphoma".

Her husband would retire in 4 months and they were moving to the tropics. This cancer thing was poor timing, frankly, it just couldn't happen right now, or ever!

But, she was a coach, she knew that getting past the obstacle of cancer was like any other obstacle in business and life. It was all about mindset and will and... she was terrified. It was at that moment that she determined to heal cancer from her body.

Most people she meets thinks what she did was miraculous.

These are the teaching points and protocol Pamela will hit on the talk:

  1. Selecting the right leadership team to ensure your win
  2. Getting Your Spiritual Act Together.
  3. Gaining control over your Physical Life.
  4. Taking charge of your thoughts.
  5. Understanding why the cancer is there and how to talk to it so it can leave - it wants to.

Why a keynote to heal cancer from an Executive Leadership Coach? You can lead yourself beyond anything in your life. Pamela had a leadership team of 5 people who kept her on point to get through the biggest challenge of her life. Who's on your team?

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