From Managers To Leaders

This employee engagement trend is one of the hottest management shifts today!

What will help you receive this?

By teaching your managers to engage through coaching.


Because coaching shifts management from a hierarchical stance of “I know and you don’t” to a co-creative model that gleans untapped skills in employees. Coaching believes that your employee knows what to do inherently. Managers will learn skills to surface their own and their employee’s genius from within.

From Managers to Leaders workshop will also provide your managers’ enhanced interpersonal skills. Skills necessary to effectively communicate. From Managers to Leaders increases trust building, and improves morale. This workshop is designed to enhance team performance and productivity from the first session.

From Managers To Leaders

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Coaching is proven to be the most effective way to improve employee behavior on the planet today. This 3-day, hands-on workshop teaches managers a coaching approach to leading teams and staff.

Aspiring leaders will learn and use proven conflict resolution techniques such as provocative questioning and developing super listening skills. Your leadership will earn respect from upper management, peers and staff. As your key people shift from managers to leaders you will notice them shifting employees to a higher level of productivity.

Course Topics and Learning Objectives for From Managers to Leaders:

Upon, completion of this 3-day workshop, participants will:

  • Have a working understanding of coaching and how it can positively unify your work team.
  • Know the difference between managing and coaching staff. They will also learn when to use management approach vs a coaching approach.
  • Become fluent in the two most important, but scarcely used skills, necessary to employ life-transforming coaching in your workplace.
  • Obtain plug and play templates designed to utilize coaching during tough conversations and interventions.
  • Gain the steps necessary to affect your group culture; shifting your staff from grumbling to cooperating.

3 Day Training

This entire course was fantastic!

Powerful & True

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Day 1

Why Do I Need To Coach?
Setting a working foundation (that works!).

  • Learn coaching vs. management, which is most effective and when and with whom.
  • Who vs. what? How vs. Why? Which method works best, and why?
  • How to encourage respectful communication between you and your employee.

I’m Amazing, Why Doesn’t Everyone Else Get It?
How To Make Clashing Personalities Work Through Coaching.

  • Introduction of DiSC behavioral styles; identify your preferred leadership style.
  • Insights into understanding and managing differing personalities.
  • Gain awareness of the communication continuum and preferred areas of focus for individual communicators.
  • Learn what motivates you, but maybe not others, and how to identify it.
  • Learn why clashes happen and 4 simple tools that will reduce clashes at work.
  • Learn which unprovoked actions can cause disasters and how to stop it.
  • Build awareness and control of potential personality clashes in yourself.
  • Build awareness around staff who are naturally headed for a train wreck. Learn ways to minimize the potential impact.
  • Know what to do when a personality blow-up happens.
  • Gain language throughout to lessen clashing personalities and their impact as well as improve workplace culture.

Coaching Skills That Take
Managers From Survive - to
Introduction to coaching mindset and processes.

  • Acquire three scripted ways to provide instant support to improve performance.
  • Gather at least two ways to find your employee’s strengths and capitalize on them.
  • Gain a coaching planning list on ways to ensure you are actually boosting employee performance.
  • Learn four unique ways to coach and motivate low performers so they will respond.
  • Experience a process that will enable you to successfully work with any button-pusher or frustration on your team

Day 2

Stop The Conflict;
Start The Conversation.

  • Gain special conflict resolution techniques proven to calm and clear the mind during intense situations.
  • Learn an amazing listening model that gets powerful results every time you use it.
  • Really get to the core of the acting out employees; release the tension and allow unsettled employees to move on.
  • Open your people up, improve mutual understanding, and dissipate conflict through active listening.

Keeping Your Cool In Hot Situations;
Use Emotional IQ As The Coolant.

  • Learn what is EQ and why is it so important to master.
  • Identify two of the most important keys to manifesting Emotional Intelligence.
  • Discover which personalities may have more difficulty mastering EQ and what to do about it.
  • Understand how developing EQ will give you more control over your career and life.

Course Graduate
Trinidad Coast Guard Student the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business

​The WHOLE content was very valuable.

Exercises, activities, group discussions, role-play and facilitators discussion was over the top

3 Ways To Eat Passive-Aggressive Behaviors For Breakfast;
And Not Have Indigestion By Lunch.

  • Learn how Passive Aggressive’s gain a foothold and how to lose their hold over you.
  • 3 tips to stop passive-aggressive behaviors from impacting your bottom line.
  • Tools to spot and stop passive aggressive behaviors in their tracks through coaching.
  • Survival tactics during passive aggressive “attacks.”

The Secret To Coaching Successful Employee Interventions.

  • Work with two plug and play forms that will flawlessly guide you through group or individual interventions.
  • Identify interests and positions in a conflict and what that means.
  • Learn ways to uncover hidden interests of the conflicted parties.
  • Gain insights on the best ways to explore available options for resolution and tactfully eliminate unavailable options.
  • Tips to managing repeated internal conflicts.
  • Live practice sessions until you feel successful.

  • Practice assertively stepping into the “uncomfortable” zone and say the things that must be said.

Day 3

Give Difficult Feedback;
Get Thanked.

  • Learn an easy way to deliver difficult feedback with panache.
  • Develop an acceptable way for less assertive leaders to stop beating around the bush and get to the point.
  • Learn two solid reasons why feedback is a must and how to feel better about delivering it.

Build The Group Culture You Want Instead Of The One You Have.
7 Easy Ways To Bring Your Workplace Together Through Coaching.

  • Identify current workplace culture using a workplace culture template.
  • Build a plan of strategies that will work best in attendee’s workplace from 7 free and easy to implement steps.
  • Determine the best way to stop lack of trust and low morale in your workplace.
  • Identify the best leadership strategy for your workplace for instant improvement.


Pamela uses a “Coach” Training Style in
From Managers to Leaders that is:

  • Fun and Fast paced

  • Results Oriented

  • Engaging

  • Thought Provoking

  • Conduct Changing

  • Active