Executive Coach Training

Quickly Master The Secrets To Coach Powerful Executives and Leaders 

I invite you to join me 

on a weekend of your choosing

For a 3-day 


Executive Coach Training Immersion  


A 3-Day, 
All Inclusive, (including airfare within the US)
No-Nonsense Immersion Program
that will teach you unique coaching tools that can successfully be used to inspire and lead leaders and Executives. 

First of all, this is in no way a typical training. (There's no name tags or strict agendas, no silly networking games and no tough formulas to memorize)

What I have in store for you will be my best secrets for showing up confident and competent to your executive clients. Our curriculum is breakthrough and our activities look like ones you want to do. Which means they're #fun!

Our No-Nonsense Executive Coach Training is like sitting at the feet of masters who know fabulous things, and who are stoked to share them with you.

It's an authentic, revealing journey into the mind of an executive which teaches you how to put them on a fast-track to success. It's bold, daring, and hard-hitting. Everything is planned to be imperfect, just like life and just like executives.

I'd love to invite you to attend an unforgettable weekend with me.

Our Proven Executive Coach Success Recipe Starts With...

Day 1

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    DiSC® behavioral styles on steroids: ​Gain a working knowledge of personality styles. 
  • How to use your personal leadership style to your advantage while coaching any leader.
  • Gain the five must-have coaching premises that will keep you #1 to your leader. 
  • check
    Three amazingly simple ways to manage your temper and hurt feelings. And how to pass it along to your client.
  • Practice with a professional

Day 2

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    Freedom from inner blocks that have been in the way of your executive's success, until now.
  • Advanced skills on managing difficult personalities and people.
  • check
    Ways to build a resilient and scuff-proof self-esteem!
  • check
    Tools to remove negative self-talk (and help your executive master his or her crippling thinking.
  • check
    ​The art of asking brilliant questions that get results.
  • Practice with a professional

Day 3

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    Hone in your listening skills to their highest level without working that hard.
  • Identify, trust and use your intuition at a much higher level. It will make you seem like you read minds.
  • The easiest way to tell what the real client problems are without looking stupid or even asking a question.
  • Executive Coaching feedback.
  • Practice with professionals; business owners and/or executives.
  • Executive Coach certificate  (performance based).

You will experience personalized one-on-one training. Each activity is specifically tailored to you and your learning style. It is designed to release and fine-tune your inner Executive Coach! 

WORK WITH A REAL EXECUTIVE  (and maybe more than one)


depending upon your tastes, we may schedule a visit to Oregon's finest wineries or microbreweries.

The Portland area wineries are most famous for Pinot Noir's. Oregon has more microbreweries per capita than any other state. No matter what, you will love every moment!


By learning about your energy, frequencies and intuition. 

Pamela is a triple certified Extraordinary Coach of Instant Miracle Technique, Applied Kinesiology, Ultra High Frequency Energy Healing, and Peace Process techniques.  This means you will learn exceptional coaching tools that most executive coaches have never heard of.


At the most unique and delectable restaurants Portland has to offer. You'll likely learn where your meal came from, and possibly even it's name!

We will sample the best organic, free-range, grass-fed, wild caught like you've never imagined, as seen in the TV Series: Portlandia:


Wrap up our training. In a lively setting, while we review our take-aways from an off-the-charts day of personal accomplishments and ahah's. All this because of our own initiated feats of amazement.

Your investment...

All Inclusive - Portland, OR
I provide for you...

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    Plane flights inside the US
  • 4-star lodging.
  • All of your meals plus up to 2 alcoholic beverages.
  • check
    Transportation to and from the airport and all activities.
  • In-person coaching opportunities with executives/professionals who may be in the market for a coach. (If you bring them on as a client- this alone pays off your weekend within a few months)
  • Executive Coach certificate  (performance based).

I Come To You
Plus, you provide for me...

  • check
    My flights (business class).
  • check
    4-star lodging.
  • All meals.
  • Transportation to and from the airport and all activities.
  • I will provide the executives or business professionals to coach, (probably via ZOOM).
  • I award you an Executive Coach certificate.


I was an average coach, getting less than average results for years..

...until, I learned deeper coaching skills like; how to tap into my intuition, instant miracle, and muscle testing. I am no longer afraid to do things like pray with my clients. I am willing to be bold and really speak to what I see is stopping people from being the true leader they are meant to be.  

I now get astonishing results with leaders and know how to pass it on to you.

The proof is in the pudding...


executive coach training
  • Hundreds of management executives start my management leadership training tense and frustrated with themselves and their people. Those same students soar out of my management training forever changed, eager to equip and engage their people through more effective ways to lead.
  • My Management Training program is now required training content for the Trinidad Coast Guard.
  • One financially frustrated executive who never pushed beyond $130,000 reached $250,000 in under a year of coaching with me and the next year she increased to $350,000. Last I checked, she was well on her way to doubling that!
  • KPMG, international accounting firm, West Indies office, and one of the main Republic Bank of Trinidad's executive team recently completed my management training and said it was the BEST Management training and insight they had received to date!
  • If you'd like to check out my credentials further, click here.

The Long Story

This whole executive coach training idea started because of what I observed while working with over 1,500 coaches. 

What shocked me was that I was the only one, amongst all the coaches I met and coached, who actually had the courage to coach executives and high-profile leaders. 

Many of my coach buddies expressed a desire to become an executive coach. However, those coaches felt that to be a successful executive coach, they needed: 

  1. executive corporate experience
  2. the right contacts
  3. a solid, salable process to use with their clients. 

I disagree with #1 and the other two are super easy to fix.

That's when I knew, I had to find a way to offer executive coach training to other coaches who lacked corporate experience, the contacts and a salable process, but were perfect executive coach material. 

My secret mission is to get executives coached, which means to get as many executive coaches trained as possible to help beat the odds stacked against executives.

What odds?

Between 50-70% of all executives fail within their first 18-months of promotion. Executives are sadly unprepared for the daunting role they agreed to take on. Clueless leaders' suffer greatly, and so do their people. This needless suffering triggers my deep desire to see people treat themselves and others in kind, respectable and trustworthy ways.  The demand for good executive coaches is real.

Executive coach training skills can be obtained a couple of different ways.

  1. You can be a successful high-end executive yourself and have an amazing leadership track record, which earns you the right to call yourself a "coach." But since most coaches don't have the executive corporate experience, this one is for the rare.

  2. You can spend hundreds, if not thousands of hours (and dollars) researching. (I don't know about you, research is not my favorite way of learning). Then, those coaching tools must be tested through scads of people and their companies. Who wants to be a Guinea Pig?


  3. You can get trained by an executive coach and master trainer who's spent years, and years, and years learning what works with leaders and what doesn't.  An executive coach and master trainer who is both excited and skilled to really show you how to work successfully with any executive. 

You choose.