DiSC Management Profile

DiSC® Management Profile

Lead more powerfully when you understand and master your own DiSC® Management Profile.

If you want better results from your people, it really helps to understand yourself and those you work with.

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Discover Your Personal Management Style

The 26-page fully personalized DiSC® Management Profile Focuses on 6 Key Management Areas:


  • No longer allow managing your time to be such a challenge for you, once you truly understand your own tendencies everything gets easier to do and plan and get done.
  • Shift from “I’m flawed” to “I’m awesome.”


  • You will see how predictable your decision making really is.
  • You’ll see your obvious problem-solving patterns and know when to use them and when to adapt them.
  • Learn ways to adapt in leading resistant team members.
  • Have at your fingertips, the most effective ways to handle conflicts anywhere.


  • Learn all about how you prefer to manage others verses other’s management preferences.
  • You’ll get what delegates best to whom. Learn the attributes of each team member through the filter of their individual DiSC® style.
  • You’ll see your tendencies revealed with an amazing accuracy!
  • Receive step-by-step instructions to delegate and direct specific individual behaviors, so your people are motivated..


  • You’ll even learn the phrases to say to light a fire under your most stubborn people.
  • Get with precision “How” to approach your people and get results.
  • You will know who will respond and in what way they are likely to respond.
  • You’ll change your approach when you truly understand how your people like to work, what motivates them and demotivates them.


  • A true Bible for the manager in working with others because you’ll see with crystal clarity the best way to approach others. (Even yourself.)
  • No more guess work, no more hassles.
  • You’ll be able to head off destructive behaviors in yourself and others.


  • Learn how to read your boss, prospect, business partner, vendor, or client with alarming accuracy.
  • Get what you want through a simple yet brilliantly mapped out approach.
  • Direct insights for learn your customers priorities and preferences.

I believe DiSC profiles are so much more powerful and effective when taught through training and coaching. Consistent and repetitive training and coaching are designed to lodge the concepts in your people’s minds.

Once these concepts are lodged – you are gold!

Coaching and training are the quickest and most fun way to get there! Click here to check out our Successful Communication Corporate Training Series designed for every level of your organization.

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