Clean Your Plate and Lose The Wait

How to Clean Your Plate and Lose The Wait!

3 Ways To Clean Up Your Heavy Stuff And Become More Productive at work.

If your team is not more productive at work, then problems are brewing...

It’s obvious, from the furrowed brow, the curt conversations, and the constant complaints about too many meetings and not enough time, that most of us are carrying over-loaded plates.

We spin (multi-task) up to 5 fully loaded plates at a time.

I’ll call those plates: family relationships, work, personal time, home projects, and community / social. Each plate is loaded with expectations, promises, responsibilities, wants and must do’s.

When something from a plate drops and splatters, we feel soooo guilty. The easy way out is to blame it on others, on conditions, on our stuff. We hesitate twice to pick the splatter back up and put it back on the plate; it’s never going to be the same. This is when we drop and may even break an entire plate and its contents (divorce - family relationships, leave a job - work, quit a sport - personal time, get an injury or a life-debilitating illness - affects all plates).

If you want more free time, less victim riddled stories and a shot at a life you like, perhaps It’s time to go about viewing and loading your plates differently. This way, you might become more productive at work.

Join Pamela as she leads you through a self-reflection of what you are loading onto your plates that could be sabotaging you. She will help you see what may be preventing you from being truly effective and productive.

After this short, yet HIGHLY energizing talk, you'll walk away with...3 steps you can take to get into massive plate cleaning action, become more productive at work and stay there.

You were meant to manage all of your plates, well. Wait no longer, leave behind what is draining your productivity!