Do You Deal With Clashing Personalities At Work?

I talk to many managers and administrators who struggle with clashing personalities with their people or within their team.

If your workplace is suffering from people not getting along, turning up their nose at other workers, or just plain difficult to be around; you will appreciate the insights shared in this webinar.

Pamela and one of her clients and consulting partners, Tim Runcie, CEO of Advisicon give you tools and techniques to effectively deal with irritating work halting clashes.

About the Author

Pamela’s leadership forte? Mastering mindset, boundary setting, advancing communication, resolving conflict, dynamic public speaking, and raising quality of life at both work and home. Her leadership notoriety? Pamela see's others through a hyper awareness of clients’ success-blocking belief systems. These impressive gifts and talents make her a savvy catalyst for positive change for both you and your organization.

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