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Bad Attitude at Work

4 Steps To A Successful “You’ve Got A Bad Attitude at Work” Talk

Need to have “The Talk” about a Bad Attitude at work?A bad attitude at work doesn’t start off that way. They most often result from an unresolved incident or a declining relationship with a boss or coworker.Unfortunately, bad attitudes have usually been there a while before anyone decides to do something about it. It’s imperative […]

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Personality Styles and Why They Matter to You

Personality Styles and Why They Matter to YouIn this (under 3-minute explanation) Pamela Cournoyer talks about the four basic DiSC behavioral styles; Dominance, Influencer, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. She then explains them and compares them to easily identified and remembered birds.You will learn what the basic attributes are and how to identify each style. Learning to […]

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Clashing Personalities

Do You Deal With Clashing Personalities At Work?I talk to many managers and administrators who struggle with clashing personalities with their people or within their team. If your workplace is suffering from people not getting along, turning up their nose at other workers, or just plain difficult to be around; you will appreciate the insights shared […]

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Staff Disgruntled

Staff Disgruntled?

Staff Disgruntled? When you have disgruntled staff, it throws a wrench in everything. Passive-aggressive behavior shows up through sabotage, angry statements, and taking too much sick time. It’s time to do something about it – now.Here are a few things to do, in order to get your people back to work.​Find out what is really […]

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